Outbound Aerospace is building next generation airliners

It's not rocket science.

From satellites to sedans, Industry 4.0 has repeatedly disrupted every technology sector to build a safer, better, more connected world than ever before.

We're bringing this revolution to the world of aviation. But why?

The flying experience worsens every year

Crowded airports, endless delays, uncomfortable aircraft... Every one of us has had our share of airport misery, but every year we find ourselves in the same cramped seats on the same old planes.

Aircraft are too expensive

Fuel consumption is the most visible element, but from acquisition to overhauls, aircraft costs are higher than ever and manufacturers are not incentivized to fix it.

Flights are not on track to meet Net Zero Carbon goals.

Manufacturers are relying on the next generation of engines and fuels to enable them to meet regulatory goals for carbon emissions, rather than adopting today's proven technology.

Demand doubles every 20 years...

Travel demand has rebounded on the heels of the COVID-19 Pandemic, and the world will need more than 40,000 transport jetliners over the next 20 years. What's worse, manufacturers are already struggling to meet current demand.

And no one knows what to do next.

Advancement has stalled. Facing increasing headwinds, domestic players shy away from new paradigms while losing ground to international competition...

Until Now.

In 2024, Outbound Aerospace will unveil Olympic, the first in an entirely new family of passenger aircraft, and the most efficient airliner ever.

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